How To: Hang Exterior Christmas Lights

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Christmas is just around the corner, and at Forrest Cleaning, we want to make sure you stay safe while hanging lights this season. When hanging lights by yourself, you should follow a few necessary steps to ensure you’re well protected.

Step 1: Grab your Christmas Lights and have them stored in a box or other easily accessible location.

Step 2: Take a walk around the area you will be hanging the lights and make sure there aren’t and safety hazards like wet spots, tree branches, and wiring.

Step 3: Identify a plan, and design your project from the home’s focal points.

Step 4:  Measure the area in which you want to hang the lights on. This will give you a better idea of how many light strains you may need.

Step 5: Identify a power source and make sure you have enough distance between the lights to the outlet to turn the lights on successfully.

Step 6: Take the lights out of the box to prepare your design. If you’re looking for a big display, you will want denser lights. Plug the lights in on the ground to make sure that none of them are broken. If a light is broken, you may not want to use the string.

Step 7: Light clips will allow you to attach the strains to your gutters and other exterior linings.

Step 8: If you’re using LED lights, you can connect up to 25 strains without a significant brightness issue. Start connecting the strains for longer light fixtures.

Step 9:  Start on the ground first and then work your way up to the top. If you’re decorating your house, you can start lighting the bushes and then work your way up to your gutters.

Step 10: Sit back and enjoy the wonderful view. 😊

Need Help?

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Tis The Season

Celebrate the 2019 Holiday Season at the Eisenhower Home - Eisenhower  National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)


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Don’t have lights? No problem 

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How it works

After calling and scheduling a time for a Christmas lighting setup/take-down, a tech member will reach out before the service to ensure we’re still arriving at a good time.

We will then make sure to take the most effective safety precautions to ensure our staff’s safety and your property. All Forrest Cleaning Staff will be wearing masks when in your home, and we sanitize to prevent sickness.

What We’re Doing to Protect You

During this unpredictable time, Forrest Cleaning has developed new processes in an effort to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. Our number one priority is to make sure that our clients are well protected during this time, so we’ve designed a plan to stay within the CDC guidelines.  

Additional Cleaning Precautions

Masks – When working in your homes or offices, our employees will have masks to help prevent transfers.

Routine Handwashing- Our employees will be washing their hands routinely when working within a house or a facility. If soap is unavailable, then the proper amount of hand sanitizer will be used.

Disposable gloves- When working in your home or office, our employees will be wearing and disposing of gloves to ensure the safety of your space.

Common areas- When we’re cleaning, we will double check common areas that are a breeding ground for spreadable germs. Any surfaces that may have a lot of touching traffic will be double-checked to ensure cleaning accuracy.

Additional Disinfection Precautions

Correct Mixes – Our professionals have been trained on the cleaning supplies they are using and will be keeping a detailed measurement of the cleaning supplies. 

Adequate ventilation- When we’re using chemicals we will use the proper ventilation to ensure that not only our employees are safe, but the people interacting with it. 

Virtual/Contactless Quotes

We have already started to offer virtual and contactless quotes for our clients. If you have a job for us, we can give you a quote without being present. For some extensive jobs, we will have to schedule a physical quote; however, we can take the measures from a safe distance.

Continued Care

In addition to the precautions we have laid out, we will be following and monitoring the CDC guidelines that are being released. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

We encourage everyone to visit the CDC website and view the preventative measures you can take to keep you and your families safe.

Cleaning Your Windows

Windows are an essential investment to our homes and offices. Angie’s List reports that the average cost of a single window can range between 200 and 1200 dollars depending on quality and brand. In cases of multiple window replacement with inclusion of installation charges, the total price of windows can be thousands of dollars. Even with these high costs, property owners often fail to properly maintain their window which can drop their property value, increase energy requirements and even have an impact on their health. Window cleaning is a multi-step process which not only involves cleaning the glass on the window, but also window screens and tracks. Some property owners may choose to hire professionals to maintain their windows. Although the process may seem daunting, the task is simple enough for them to complete on their own. This article will take a deeper look at the importance of window maintenance while providing a DIY guide on how property owners can tackle this crucial task. 

Importance of Window Maintenance

Have you ever received your utility bill and gasped at the cost? Or have guests noticed cold drafts when sitting by the window? Even with top-of the-line windows, failing to properly clean and maintain them can result in decreased energy efficiency of your homes. Cleaning your window tracks is a great way to prevent this from happening. Over time dirt and salt can buildup on the window track which prevents your windows from properly sealing when you close them. Even tiny gaps allow drafts of cold air to enter your homes. The same buildup occurs on the glass of the windows. This buildup decreases the amount of light that enters and even causes scratches and cracks that impact the structural integrity of the windows. During your routine window maintenance don’t neglect your window screens! Everyone enjoys having the windows open on a beautiful spring day to feel the breeze through their home. Every time that wind blows, with it comes the dust and dirt particles trapped in the screen. All of those particles enter your house and worsen the air quality. 

Windows (specifically tracks and screens) are the perfect breeding ground for mold. Mold can have serious effects on your health, the CDC reports that mold exposure can worsen chronic respiratory conditions such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma. Uncontrolled mold growth may require professional removal, but the early stages mold growth can easily be controlled by thorough, semi-annual window cleaning. Mold growth not only has serious effects on not only your health, but the health of your pets, family and friends as well. 

DIY Guide

Before window cleaning you should make your own mental checklist of what needs to be done for each window. Here’s an example of what you should be thinking about for each window:

  • Clean the glass of the window-both interior and exterior
  • Are there any scratches or cracks on the glass?
  • Does the window properly seal? 
  • Does the window screen have any holes or rips? 
  • Are there any signs of mold growth?

Follow these steps or adapt to your own process for a streak free, clean window:

  1. Gather the following tools, some can be found already in your home or purchased from your local hardware store
  • Squeegee- The double sided squeegee works well. Sponge side is used for applying/scrubbing your initial water/soap mix to the window while the squeegee (rubber) part is used to wipe the window clean after. See the photo below for a similar model to what I’ve described.
Sponge Window Squeegee - DayMark Safety
  • Glass cleaning solution
  • Paper towels or microfiber cloth
  • Ladder (if needed to reach second story windows)
  1. Fill a bucket with water and a few drops of dish soap. Using a sponge (or sponge of a double sided squeegee) and apply this mixture to the glass of your window in circular motions. 
  2. Take the squeegee and dry the glass by wiping in straight downward motions from the top of the window to the bottom. Do this across the entire length of the window. Take a piece of paper towel or microfiber cloth and wipe the border of the window to dry any leftover streaks.
  3. Spray 1-2 pumps of the window cleaning solution to the glass and spread around with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. In the same manner as step three, wipe the glass clean with the squeegee. This should eliminate streaking across the window. Wipe borders dry with paper towel again. 
  4. You can use the same soap and water solution to clean the tracks and screens of your windows. 


  1. Routine Cleaning- Cleaning windows can be a time consuming process. Routine cleaning is key to decreasing the amount of time required to clean your windows. Instead of cleaning your windows once a year, do it every 3-6 months. That way instead of cleaning a whole year’s worth of dirt and grime you’ll only have a few months of buildup to remove. 
  2. Systematic Approach- Use an approach similar to the one above. Make a mental checklist and clean each window the same way. The steps outlined above will help you reduce window streaking and hopefully prevent you from having to make multiple attempts to get a streak free window. 
  3. Cleaning Exterior Windows-Windows are found on all levels of our homes, not just the ground floor. Having a partner assist you can be a huge help. While you are on the ladder, your partner can remove the window screen from the interior and hand you the necessary tools as needed. This will save you from having to make multiple trips up and down the ladder to grab each tool. Please remember to exercise caution when working from a ladder.
  4. Screen Repair- Screens allow the breeze into your home but they also prevent debris from reaching the glass of your window. Repair your screens regularly if you see rips or tears and that can help keep the glass of your windows cleaner.

Window cleaning and maintenance should be included in any homeowners cleaning process. It can improve your energy costs, health and protects the financial investment associated with window installation. At Forrest Cleaning, we understand how busy homeowners can be and we are more than happy to assist you with your regular window cleaning. Please contact us if you have any questions, need any additional advice or would like a quote for one of our services. 

The Dreaded Gutter Cleaning


Let’s face it, nobody enjoys cleaning the gutters. Gutter cleaning is an essential task to protect your home and failure to do so can result in serious consequences. Water from rain and ice melts runs off of the roof and is caught by the gutters, the gutter system directs the water to a downspout which allows the water to exit through a drainage system. Over time, dirt, leaves and sticks can buildup leading to water retention. Poorly functioning gutters can result in steep repair costs across multiple aspects of your home. Having clogged and poorly functioning gutters is almost as bad as not having them at all. High repair costs can almost be completely prevented by simply cleaning your gutters once or twice per year. Here are some common problems that can be a result of clogged or non-functioning gutters. A common theme you’ll find is that gutter problems can lead to rotting throughout many parts of your home.

Foundational erosion and water buildup

Over time water runoff from your roof can lead to foundational erosion. Materials used for foundations will gradually erode and if this erosion continues then the entire structure of your home can be effected. HomeAdvisor reports that the national average for foundational repair can be over $4,000, and high end repair costs upwards of $13,000. In homes with basements water runoff can also lead to flooding. If your basement isn’t finished this may not be a huge problem, but if a finished basement sees any flooding the repair costs could be huge. It’s important to note that foundational problems can also lead to a higher chance of flooding.

Siding and Window damage

Water spilling over the gutters or running directly from the roof can damage and leave unpleasant stains on your siding which can be a real pain to clean.. This running water can also be detrimental to your homes windows. Over time the window frame can be rotted away which can affect the energy efficiency and structural strength of the window.

Roof damage

                Gutters are in close proximity to the soffit and fascia of the roof. Retained water can begin to rot away the wood found in these parts of the roof. This rot can also extend into the roof deck and leave your roof prone to leaks and collapse. If you’re not an avid roofer you may not be familiar with the anatomy of the roof, find this convenient article from Angie’s List for more information. Leaks can lead to expensive interior repairs and a roof collapse can be incredibly dangerous to your family. If you live in an area with high annual snowfall, the heavy snow weight can increase the risk of roofing collapse. Check out this article for warning signs of a rotting roof.

Landscape destruction

Landscapes are a huge part of our homes, its very common to have flowers, bushes and shrubs in close proximity to the house. Water dripping from the roof can create a problem with landscape erosion. Over time the water will gradually erode the soil which can destroy your plants. Excess rainfall can also buildup in the landscape under the roof and drown plants.

Insect infestations

Insects are attracted to moisture. Retaining water and buildup of debris is the perfect nesting area for insects spelling bad news for your home as they are capable of causing extensive damage and drastically drop a properties value. Common insects attracted to gutters would be termites and mosquitoes. Termites can destroy the wood in your home and mosquitos can carry diseases which can be transmitted to your family and pets.

How to care for your gutters!

If you notice that your gutters have a lot of buildups, it’s time to clean them! To clean you gutters, all you really need is a ladder, small garden shovel, and a five-gallon bucket to place waste in. Usually, homeowners only need to clean their gutters once to twice per year. Also, be sure to replace your gutters if you notice any structural problems with them.  Forrest Cleaning understands how busy life can be ,and we are always available to help you with your gutter cleaning needs. Please reach out to us for a quote on any of our services ,which can be found at the link above.