The Dreaded Gutter Cleaning


Let’s face it, nobody enjoys cleaning the gutters. Gutter cleaning is an essential task to protect your home and failure to do so can result in serious consequences. Water from rain and ice melts runs off of the roof and is caught by the gutters, the gutter system directs the water to a downspout which allows the water to exit through a drainage system. Over time, dirt, leaves and sticks can buildup leading to water retention. Poorly functioning gutters can result in steep repair costs across multiple aspects of your home. Having clogged and poorly functioning gutters is almost as bad as not having them at all. High repair costs can almost be completely prevented by simply cleaning your gutters once or twice per year. Here are some common problems that can be a result of clogged or non-functioning gutters. A common theme you’ll find is that gutter problems can lead to rotting throughout many parts of your home.

Foundational erosion and water buildup

Over time water runoff from your roof can lead to foundational erosion. Materials used for foundations will gradually erode and if this erosion continues then the entire structure of your home can be effected. HomeAdvisor reports that the national average for foundational repair can be over $4,000, and high end repair costs upwards of $13,000. In homes with basements water runoff can also lead to flooding. If your basement isn’t finished this may not be a huge problem, but if a finished basement sees any flooding the repair costs could be huge. It’s important to note that foundational problems can also lead to a higher chance of flooding.

Siding and Window damage

Water spilling over the gutters or running directly from the roof can damage and leave unpleasant stains on your siding which can be a real pain to clean.. This running water can also be detrimental to your homes windows. Over time the window frame can be rotted away which can affect the energy efficiency and structural strength of the window.

Roof damage

                Gutters are in close proximity to the soffit and fascia of the roof. Retained water can begin to rot away the wood found in these parts of the roof. This rot can also extend into the roof deck and leave your roof prone to leaks and collapse. If you’re not an avid roofer you may not be familiar with the anatomy of the roof, find this convenient article from Angie’s List for more information. Leaks can lead to expensive interior repairs and a roof collapse can be incredibly dangerous to your family. If you live in an area with high annual snowfall, the heavy snow weight can increase the risk of roofing collapse. Check out this article for warning signs of a rotting roof.

Landscape destruction

Landscapes are a huge part of our homes, its very common to have flowers, bushes and shrubs in close proximity to the house. Water dripping from the roof can create a problem with landscape erosion. Over time the water will gradually erode the soil which can destroy your plants. Excess rainfall can also buildup in the landscape under the roof and drown plants.

Insect infestations

Insects are attracted to moisture. Retaining water and buildup of debris is the perfect nesting area for insects spelling bad news for your home as they are capable of causing extensive damage and drastically drop a properties value. Common insects attracted to gutters would be termites and mosquitoes. Termites can destroy the wood in your home and mosquitos can carry diseases which can be transmitted to your family and pets.

How to care for your gutters!

If you notice that your gutters have a lot of buildups, it’s time to clean them! To clean you gutters, all you really need is a ladder, small garden shovel, and a five-gallon bucket to place waste in. Usually, homeowners only need to clean their gutters once to twice per year. Also, be sure to replace your gutters if you notice any structural problems with them.  Forrest Cleaning understands how busy life can be ,and we are always available to help you with your gutter cleaning needs. Please reach out to us for a quote on any of our services ,which can be found at the link above.  

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