What We’re Doing to Protect You

During this unpredictable time, Forrest Cleaning has developed new processes in an effort to keep everyone safe during this pandemic. Our number one priority is to make sure that our clients are well protected during this time, so we’ve designed a plan to stay within the CDC guidelines.  

Additional Cleaning Precautions

Masks – When working in your homes or offices, our employees will have masks to help prevent transfers.

Routine Handwashing- Our employees will be washing their hands routinely when working within a house or a facility. If soap is unavailable, then the proper amount of hand sanitizer will be used.

Disposable gloves- When working in your home or office, our employees will be wearing and disposing of gloves to ensure the safety of your space.

Common areas- When we’re cleaning, we will double check common areas that are a breeding ground for spreadable germs. Any surfaces that may have a lot of touching traffic will be double-checked to ensure cleaning accuracy.

Additional Disinfection Precautions

Correct Mixes – Our professionals have been trained on the cleaning supplies they are using and will be keeping a detailed measurement of the cleaning supplies. 

Adequate ventilation- When we’re using chemicals we will use the proper ventilation to ensure that not only our employees are safe, but the people interacting with it. 

Virtual/Contactless Quotes

We have already started to offer virtual and contactless quotes for our clients. If you have a job for us, we can give you a quote without being present. For some extensive jobs, we will have to schedule a physical quote; however, we can take the measures from a safe distance.

Continued Care

In addition to the precautions we have laid out, we will be following and monitoring the CDC guidelines that are being released. We take the safety of our employees and clients very seriously. 

We encourage everyone to visit the CDC website and view the preventative measures you can take to keep you and your families safe.